The River Journal Project


The River Journal reports on current issues while exploring the greatest rivers of the world. Far from the spotlights, we believe that waterways are interesting fil-rouge and good vantage points for observing and assessing the intimate relationship between people and nature and between the environment and the identity of its inhabitants.
In the past three years we’ve “explored” the Mississippi, Po and Missouri rivers. The project has received prestigious acknowledgments for its innovative approach and its contents, produced according to journalistic standards of independence. At this moment we’re working hard to organize our next expedition upstream the Volga river, the most fascinating lifeline of the Russian and European civilizations.

The River Journal newsroom is composed by Marzio G. Mian, Nicola Scevola, Massimo Di Nonno and myself.
The new website is under construction but in the meantime you can still see the Po river web-doc here: