Ospedale amico

In Italy, immigration aroused and underlined the difficulties the Italian National Health Service has had in terms of reaction and adaptation to the different composition of society and to the needs of a new public of consumers. Political, economical and cultural motivations often move migrant people to use the health services offered by the hospitals only in case of emergencies and not to use those available, for them as well, from the general practitioner of the National Health Service. The low rate of use of these services and the health officers’ inability to give an adequate response to the sanitary needs of the migrant patients have had negative repercussions on the state of health of the migrant population, very often insufficient if compared to that of Italians.
OSPEDALE AMICO is a pilot project conceived by Imagine Onlus that will be realized in partnership with San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome. Aims of the project are both improving the quality of the sanitary services offered to migrant patients living in Italy and the relations between them and health officers. Taking its moves from the “Migrant-friendly hospitals” experience, a tried and tested European Union project, financed in collaboration with the W.H.O. and implemented in 12 hospitals spread all over Europe, OSPEDALE AMICO wants to define the activities and the necessary arrangements to improve the services offered to migrant people and the benefit they receive from the Italian National Health Service.

Ospedale Amico Together with the staff and the migrant patients of the Departments of Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Neonatology and Internal Medicine of the San Filippo Neri Hospital, the project intend to reach these goals developing the two fundamental components of vocational training of the sanitary personnel on the thematic of intercultural medicine and that of awareness growth intended to reach the migrant population living on the territory directly served by the hospital. Part and parcel of the project was the shooting of these hospital daily life portraits of staff members and migrant patients of San Filippo Neri Hospital. The pictures will be printed and exhibited on the walls of the San Filippo Neri Hospital’s Departments starting from the first of December 2009 until the end of June 2010, when the results of the pilot project OSPEDALE AMICO will be gathered and announced.
Italy, september-november 2009

Published on INSIEME, Italy – February 2009