Inside McDonald’s

Localism is one of the key factor of McDonald’s success. Suppliers, management and clients in most of the 119 countries where McDonald’s 30.000 restaurants are located to serve some 52 millions people every day belong to the same local community. McDonald’s has developed a strict quality control system for standards and procedures along the whole food chain in order to guarantee the highest quality hamburgers in the world following four principles: quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

STABILIMENTO EAST BALTA look from the inside. Still it has to be demonstrated that this kind of nutrition does not increase the possibilities to get nutrition disease if not kept under strict control, especially by parents on kids and teenagers. This is a look at the italian production chain carried on by East Balt for the bread, Inalca (Cremonini Group) for the meat and Italog for the distribution to the 360 and more fast food spread all over Italy.

The reportage was published on Diario, The Guardian and Fortune.