Catracho, el pueblo mas macho

Catracho is the slang word for honduran. “El pueblo mas macho es el pueblo Catracho” is one of the most known sayings in a society where violence among family members as left a deep scar. Indiscriminate alcohol consumption is the leading cause of domestic violence, so referring to any violent act related to sexual gender and resulting in a physical, sexual or psychological damage. The majority of these violent behaviours towards women are committed in general by men within a very close degree of kinship, being 65,5% of them relatives, friends and ex boyfriends of the victims.

Domestic violenceOne out of seven women is victim of physical abuse. Only in 1998 a law protecting women victims of domestic violence was finally passed by the Honduran parliament. But having a law is one thing, enforcing it is another. In 2008, the Honduran forensic medicine department received 870 applications of grievous bodily harmed women, 25,2% were of women between 25 and 29 while another 22,2% of them were between 20 and 24. The same office received 1,468 evaluations of sexual violence, being teenagers and young women the 84,5% of the victims. The numbers of abuses that are not denounced are most likely ten times higher than these. In too many countries and cultures around the world is quiet common to think that if a woman has been beaten she must have done something to deserve it. According to the UN Population Fund, around the world as many as one in three women have been beaten at the hands of someone they know well. More than in other countries of the region, in Honduras this phenomenon is rapidly increasing and also here, unfortunately, the story is no different.