Cronache dal confine

What is the situation at the Italian borders? What are the relations with our neighbors? Who are and how live the Italians living on our borders? Marzio G. Mian and I have traveled along the entire Alpine frontier, from Ventimiglia to Gorizia, to see if, on the wave (or the excuse) of the refugees emergency, also in Italy is returning that twentieth-century bordering feeling, separation and even opposition which is blowing nowadays in much part of Europe. A sort of nostalgia of sovereignty – and often nationalism – that is leading back to formulas of closure in the old Continent once again. What about Italy?

Confini e Vicini. Sulle alpi con gli italiani di frontieraThis journey through these marginal and often neglected regions was a wonderful opportunity to put at the center of our investigation the humanity that inhabits them, in Italy and on the other side of the border as well. A great occasion to encounter the men of the Border Police and those of the Corpo Forestale, to discover the submerged cross-border economies and to meet the new Mayors, who are becoming cultural ambassadors, as well as the young people who renounce to the appealing contemporaneity to keep alive their communities and way of life. A journey that also served to denounce the abandonment of this remote part of Italy, which lives modern emergencies in solitude, from the drama of migrants to climate change to the depopulation of the alpine villages.

Cronache dal Confine (Reports from the border) is a series of reportage commisioned by SETTE, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera.