A rainy day in Whittier

Overlooking a bay in the center of the highest glaciers of Southeast Alaska, in the middle of the Cougach National Forest, Whittier is home to 230 people, the destination of many lives fleeing from civilization or searching a radical isolation in the wilderness.

006_mg_7617Whittier is a vertical town where 90% of its population live inside a 15-story apartment building called the Begic Tower and built by the US Army during the Cold War in the 50s, a former strategic anti-Soviet outpost. When it was dismantled the families living there decided to buy the property.
The “One City Under one roof” has endured, back in 1964, the second most powerful earthquake recorded in the history of mankind. The inhabitants of Whittier are isolated from the world because to enter town there’s only a narrow one and a half mile long tunnel that’s closed every night.