Out of sight


« Stigma against people living with HIV and those at higher risk of infection persists. This is a human rights violation that also hampers our ability to address AIDS. Stigma, discrimination, punitive laws, gender inequality and violence continue to inflame the epidemic and thwart our strongest efforts to ‘get to zero’ »
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, 2012

« A vigorous civil society is central to holding partners and countries to account for honoring the commitments they make. People living with HIV, people at higher risk of HIV infection, women and young people must therefore be present at the tables where decisions are made. […] Getting to zero discrimination requires us to do more than protect people who are vulnerable to HIV – we must empower them »
Michel Sidibé, Executive Director UNAIDS, 2012

Out of SightOUT OF SIGHT is a photojournalistic project on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic after thirty years. I’ve investigated the epidemic between 2011 and 2013 in five countries: Thailand, Mozambique, Brazil, Ukraine and the US. These countries have been carefully chosen because of their own specificities that make them, in a positive or negative way, representative of the epidemic and therefore suitable to better explain and deeply comprehend one or more of the many aspects related to it.
OUT OF SIGHT is a journey into the epidemic that aims to inform the public about the lives of those who suffer from or are affected by it and of those who work to improve the HIV+ population’s living conditions, for the respect of their rights, to research for a cure and to advocate for free acess to treatment and medicines for all those who are in need. The project intends to be a visual and narrative prevention tool – the photographic body of work is enriched with articles, infographics and insights – to help create more awareness about the disease.
OUT OF SIGHT was produced thanks to the contribution of the Department of Reproductive Health of the World Health Organization and was officially launched online on December 1st 2013, the 25th World AIDS Day.

Please click here to see the project: www.outofsight.info

Exhibitions: Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa and Amy-d ArteSpazio, Milan. Published on Internazionale, National Geographic, Panorama and others.